Going To New Zealand

I woke up to a alarm going off like crazy then I realised it was new alarm clock that I got yesterday, then I heard mum saying lets go to New Zealand. Then I said for how long mum said 2 days ok  yes I said I will go and pack my bag. We drive to the airport then we fly to New Zealand we landed then we walk to out apartment, I decided to go for a walk to get some ice-cream as a treat on the way we saw a weird statue and it looked like a dead person put into a statue but I just have my ice-cream.

Playing Among Us With My Friend

It was one cold, freezing and snowy day.  I wanted to play some Among Us so I called up my friend and asked if he wanted to play with me. He agreed so we started to play the game and somehow my friend and I were imposters so I said this is going to be a fun game. I was white and my friend Cian so we were in and suddenly someone called a meeting. The Orange one spoke first and said Purple is imposter he killed red right in front of me suddenly when I was about to kill and my screen went blank…

The brown ballown

It was early Saturday morning and I decided to go for a bike ride. As I was riding around the block I could see a brown balloon in the distance. I kept on riding close to it and it popped then something strange appeared from inside the ballon. It was a creature that I have never seen anything like it before. I was frighted that I kicked the creature and rode off so fast that I got home in 5 minutes then I told dad all about it. Then I wanted a lollie so we went to get a lollie and I was happy.