The Colour Fight

One day when we had to pick a colour paper for oragami everyone wanted ble green and purple so when it got to the last row that row got angry and tried to make a argument over someong giving then the paper so they don’t have to have YELLOW they say yellow sucks and yelled at the teacher when the students got home the coloured paper had a argument over if yellow sucks or not blue said it does suck green also said it sucked and even purple they all said yellow sucks yellow cried so loudly all night long

2 thoughts on “The Colour Fight”

  1. Hello Hamish,

    Students fighting over the colour of the origami paper then the students arrive home and the origami papers start arguing over the best colour… You have a creative imagination. I do feel sorry for poor yellow.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

  2. Kia ora Hamish.
    It is good that you are practising your writing by using tools such as the 100 Word Challenge. I think that you chose some good vocabulary to tell your story, but I would recommend that in future you spend time making sure that your piece has all of the punctuation it needs. This is because punctuation – just full stops and capital letters for a start – makes the story so much easier for your audience to read and understand. See what you can do.
    Ms M #100WC

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