The Volcano Climb

One hot sunny day I found a volcano, I climbed it and I had herd on 9 news that is is explosive. I was very scared but I got to work.

I found the top and I saw that it was about to explode so I ran down the other side and yelled to the city. The volcano is erupting get out right now and run or you will die, they all ran to high ground and grabbed cars and drove up to the beach area so the lava will fall in the water now we wont die yelled mum.


One thought on “The Volcano Climb”

  1. Interesting use of the prompt this week. It sounded like a very explosive volcano!! Next time see if you can use speech marks to show when someone is speaking.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Mrs Horan
    Team 100WC
    Morrinsville, New Zealand

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