The Day At The Field

Ahh the soccer carnival at school there it tents everywhere it it the whole field / oval it is a big field. I am very exited but my friends are very sad that it is a big field, but does it make any difference to me. I don’t think so the game starts I have the ball and I am running to the goal when someone kicks my shin. I am very sad I had to come off the field for some ice I am very sad that I can’t play the game. It hurts but I push through it.

The Morning Walk

Ahh what a beautiful day to go for a morning walk it is 26 degrees it was a long walk around I got ice cream when I was walking it was hot but I was nice I got home and I wanted to go to the beach it was 30 kilometres away it was a super long walk but on the way to the beach I found a bus yay transport I don’t have to walk again I was so happy it was 3 dollars to get to the beach by the time I paid and found a seat there was 22 kilometres left to travel it took 10 mins to get there yay.

The Day At The Beach

One hot sunny day I went to go to the beach on the way I seen a building on fire there was smoke everywhere in the air the air smelt like a fire because there was a fire it was so bad I got to the beach and had a good time and the water was very cold and it felt there was ice in the water I went home to have a big sleep and the house smelt like smoke it was so bad like there was a fire in the house it was bad but I sleeped through it.

A Day At The Beach

Ahh this is a very hot day I need to go to the beach I turned on the light and got in my swimmers and headed down to the beach the water was cold but it was very nice.


There was about 20 people at the beach it was pretty much empty, then it started to rain so I ran back to the house so I could get warm and watch the rain fall from the sky.


I realised that I left the light on the whole time, my mum was very mad that she yelled what did I tell you about the lights.

The Day At The Track

One hot sunny day I went to a motocross track for a good day I seen this huge jump and I really wanted to hit it so I pinned it and sent it.


It was so fun that I was hitting it all day on the way home I seen a bushfire there was fire trucks all over the place they were squirting water everywhere there was rock falling down the mountain and waterfalls from the left over water from the hoses it was very scary.


We got home and our car was a bit damaged. We had to take it to the shop to get fixed.

Day Out At The Beach

One hot day at the beach there was a scientist doing experiments there was green seaweed the beach was overwhelmed  with people there was many species in the water but it was nice and cool when we got home I had a huge sleep then went riding In the bush and hit huge jumps it was so fun I went home and played with my puppy he was going crazy and was jumping all over me.


I was egsausted after today there was so much running and walking and riding today it was a active day today bed time now.

My New Glasses

One hot day I was getting a eye check up the people there checked my eyes and said I needed glasses so I got some pink fluffy glasses they were pretty dam sick I had to say. On my way home I seen a rubix cube the thing is I have never solved one of these so with my glasses they gave me a special power and it let me solve it. My mum was so proud of me that I got to get a chocolate mars bar it was so yummy I got home and showed my dad my new glasses.

Going To Bailey’s House

One hot sunny day, I wanted to go to baileys house. He has a lot of land so I can ride my pushbike around.  There is also huge jumps there, I was so exited I finally got there and the first thing I did was grabbed my pushbike and hit the biggest jump.  It was more fun then I remember, it was also lunch time so I had chips and bread I was full as.  So I grabbed my bike and kept on hitting the jump.  Then I remembered that mum was picking me up at 5 o’clock, but she didn’t come, I felt FORGOTTEN.  But at least I was at my friend’s house.

Parlament House

Bang goes the alarm clock, we are at parliament house it is old and crumbled they are about to get it rebuilt so it will be a beauty, I am exited to see it rebuilt but I will miss the old one.


Ym yum yum I love ice cream I just go a ice cream from cold rock the best ice cream place in the world they have cookies and cream ice cream my favourite, then I went back to the museum a week later and found out that they have rebuilt it.


Yes I yell it is finally made.

The Volcano Climb

One hot sunny day I found a volcano, I climbed it and I had herd on 9 news that is is explosive. I was very scared but I got to work.

I found the top and I saw that it was about to explode so I ran down the other side and yelled to the city. The volcano is erupting get out right now and run or you will die, they all ran to high ground and grabbed cars and drove up to the beach area so the lava will fall in the water now we wont die yelled mum.