The crazy birthday present

On one sunny day It was my birthday. I was so happy that it was my birthday I went to mums and dads room to tell them is it present time yes said dad.We went out to see about TEN PRESENTS  I was so happy dad gave me my first present it was wiggling like a pet so I ripped it open and it was a dog I was so happy that I hugged the dog and said can I leave the other presents for later yes said dad suddenly my dog disappeared but where did it go she shouted .


Being late for school

WHAT ITS 10 OCLOCK ON A SCHOOL DAY ARR IM GOING TO BE SO LATE AND IN BIG TROUBLE  I am so scared so I run out and pack my lunch and get my bike and zoom to school on my way I see a bike in a tree I was like I am going to have a look after school so I get to school get late slip and go into class and they were having lunch I am so happy because I am so hungry lunch tine ends we go back to class and I get in allot of trouble I said I slipped in sorry.

Going to lucas’s house

On the weekend I wanted to go to my friends house. I went to bed and woke up the next day and rode my bicycle to Lucas’ house.  When I was on my way I was desperate to get there for breakfast so I sped off as fast as I can and I saw a set of lights they were green and when I went through them they turned yellow as I got to the other side they turned red. I was warned by my mum but I decided not to listen.


I got to Lucas’s house and had a great day.

The mystery pakage


I was at home bored when I heard a loud BANG. I wanted to do something so I went out to see what it was it was a big package out the front of my house. I wondered what was inside of the HUGE PAKAGE so. I went to pick up the package but it was way heavier then I expected. So I tried and tried and finally I got it in the house then I rushed to open it and tried to get it out of the package. but it was way to heavy for me to get out

I was sad.



Time for a new car

Brr it just wouldn’t start I tried everything I new but the car just wouldn’t start I took it to the mechanics for them to try and fix it they couldn’t find anything wrong with it so I guess I have to go car shopping for a new car I got the new car drove it home and went to bed I was so exited to drive my new car tomorrow so I went to bed and dreamed about driving it I woke up grabbed the keys and went to the car I tried to start it up when it wouldn’t start then I realised I grabbed the wrong keys